Therapy to help work through habits, hurts and relationship difficulties. We provide counseling to individuals, couples, families and even communities.


With multiple locations in the Tulsa and surrounding communities, it is easy for us to find a time and place that works for you. Our services are flexible, and you will find our availability is a reflection of our care.

Insurance Accepted

Insurance often pays the cost of individual and couples counseling. We work with major insurance companies, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma.

Life Coaching

Coaching is about helping you to reach your deepest spiritual and emotional needs, and creating excellence in life. We coach individuals, leaders, and couples in successful living.


There are solutions to feeling stuck. Discernment Counseling is an approach with couples that can prevent divorce. Other approaches grounded in treatment that works are our expertise.

Tom Sanders, LPC

Tom Sanders is a licensed professional counselor, with a master's degree in counseling and another master's degree in religious education. He is an ordained minister in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and holds a doctor of ministry degree.

Our Services

Do you want to discover how you can overcome anything? Our services focus on core values, and creating security and significance in every aspect of life. Discover how we can help you and your family find hope.

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Why Work With Us

Dr. Tom Sanders is a counselor, a professor, a minister and an experienced coach. This means you will be working with someone uniquely qualified to help you achieve your dreams.  What if you could stop the hurt? What if you could move into a new chapter of life?

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Solutions Offered

We offer solution focused counseling and life coaching in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Services are provided to employee assistance programs, individuals, couples, adults and adolescents. 

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See Blue Skies Again

If you knew one call could could begin a new chapter of life, one where joy, relationship security and satisfaction with life was the norm, would you make that call? 

I want you to experience freedom from pain, addiction, depression, anxiety or relationship hurts. My expertise has helped many people overcome anything, and I can help you too. Please call my office to schedule your first appointment. I will personally answer the phone and discuss with you a path for help. (918) 269-0043

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Insurance pays for the cost of treatment in some instances. We work with major insurance companies, and when you call our office, we can help you determine eligibility for third party payment.

Is this Christian counseling?

Dr. Tom Sanders is a Licensed Professional Counselor who uses the methods of counseling taught by universities and advocated by counseling associations throughout the world. In fact, Dr. Sanders is a professor at Bacone College in Muskogee. Services are provided to all regardless of religious affiliation. Dr. Sanders is a Christian and ordained minister, who understands that God has a plan for successful living. 

Are services confidential?

All of our services are confidential, and we only release information to those who you request we release information to (unless there is a court order demanding client information). Occasionally clients want family members, clergy, insurance companies, or Employee Assistance programs to have information, but we will only provide that information at your request.

What Other Are Saying

Let's get a testimonial here from an agency that refers to you,m a minister, an EAP or any other referral resources

Let's put a testimonial you have from any couple or individual, but we will only use first name and city.     -Richard N. Tulsa, OK

Call Tom Sanders today at (918) 269-0043

Contact our office and we can schedule your first appointment. our goal is to help you find solutions, success and to create a life based on your core values. We look forward to working with you.

Counseling in Tulsa

Counseling in Tulsa, we are a Tulsa Counseling Center, with locations throughout the county. We look forward to providing life coaching in Tulsa, counseling in Tulsa, and Marriage Counseling in Tulsa.

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